The BusinessPulse, powered by Barlow Research Associates, Inc., provides detailed analysis and reporting on small business sentiment including economic position, economic confidence, and credit outlook for small and middle market companies. Barlow Research surveys more than 2,800 companies annually across the U.S. to gather current viewpoints and draws on 10 years of data to provide in-depth research on economic trends to the commercial banking sector.

Live Oak BusinessPulse


Second Quarter, 2022



Findings include

Small business net difference prices continued to climb while profits level off

60 percent of small businesses have increased prices
28 percent of small businesses saw profits increase

Small businesses’ hiring slowed and over a third consider their business to be understaffed

37 percent believe their company is significantly or moderately understaffed
7 percent of small businesses increased their number of full-time employees

Small businesses have been challenged with filling vacated positions, prompting most to increase salaries/wages

86 percent believe it's hard to attract qualified candidates
41 percent Hired or attempted to hire in the past 12 months
The Live Oak BusinessPulse, fielded by Barlow Research Associates, is an invitation-only economic survey administered online or via fax, fielded for two weeks during the first month of each quarter.