Need some HELP with your ppp loan?

Click on the plus sign for the full answer to each question below prior to completing the contact form. Once you've submitted the form, our dedicated Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) response team will be in touch soon. Be sure to include as many details as possible regarding your request.

Looking for a status update for PPP Forgiveness?

If you already have access to the PPP Loan Portal, log in with your username and password. Once logged in:

  • Go to your dashboard to view the forgiveness status bar.
  • Under the “SBA 7(a) - Paycheck Protection Program” box on the right-hand side, click the dropdown caret to see more details of your loan status. This will tell you more information about the loan amount forgiven, the lender decision status and the SBA forgiveness status.
  • If you have not DocuSigned your loan packet after it has been reviewed, then you do NOT have a completed forgiveness application. You must DocuSign your loan packet prior to it being submitted to SBA. After it has been submitted to SBA, we await their approval, which can take more than 90 days.
A few important notes:
  • The loan amount forgiven is the amount that will be forgiven from your original loan amount.
  • The Lender decision status is Live Oak Bank’s decision after review of your loan.
  • SBA forgiveness status is the most recent status that Live Oak has received from SBA. We cannot inquire about individual forgiveness applications and must wait for the SBA to either approve the forgiveness application or request more documentation for their review. As soon as we receive an update from SBA, we will notify you.
Need to apply for PPP Forgiveness?
Ensure you have access to the PPP Loan Portal. If you do not have access, click the next FAQ to find out how to obtain access. Once logged into the PPP Loan Portal, click on “Marketplace” in the top right-hand corner of the screen if you need to apply for PPP Forgiveness.
Need PPP Loan Portal access?
If you do not have access to our PPP Loan Portal, please contact us by completing this form below and choosing “Portal Access” as your request or calling us at 866.276.0154, Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm EST. We will send you a welcome email including a link to click that will allow you to create a password and log into our PPP Loan Portal.

*NOTE: The link might get caught in your spam folder, so be sure to check there first. Once the link is sent, you have 7 days to click on it and create your password before it will expire. Please do not forward the link or it will be invalid for security purposes. If the link is caught in your spam folder, do not forward it to your email’s inbox, clear it from your spam folder or it will be invalid.