small business, big ideas interview series

Live Oak Bank brings you conversations with advisors and experts who share details of their real-world experiences. Hear the scoop from industry veterans about what it takes to acquire, expand and run a financial advice practice.

Matthew Glova

Matthew Glova, CFP®️️️️, CEO of LifeTime Asset Management and LifeTime Tax Management and Founder of Cornerstone Study Group, has been recognized by Forbes Magazine multiple times and has acquired four businesses and counting. Glova discusses explosive growth and how study groups can drive growth in your business both organically and inorganically through acquisition.

Tony Whitbeck &
Todd Doherty

Tony Whitbeck and Todd Doherty of Advisor Legacy discuss an exciting tool they have developed called the Max Val Predictor, determining the true value of your business versus a simple multiple, whether holding onto your business causes the value to trend up or down, and if you grow your client base how that impacts your business value over time.

Kevin Keith

Kevin Keith founded EnVision Financial Group in 2017. Prior to EnVision Financial Group, Kevin spent 22 years as a senior vice president, wealth management advisor and portfolio manager at Merrill Lynch. Kevin discusses his experience leaving a wirehouse, breaking away and starting his own independent firm.

Brent Trentham

Brent Trentham is the principal of the Trentham Santiago Group with Ameriprise Financial. As a "serial acquirer", Brent is sharing his experiences and best practices of growing a practice through acquisition.



Louis Diamond

Louis Diamond, the President of Diamond Consultants, discusses the current landscape of recruiting in the advisor space, both on the wirehouse and independent side. Louis explains how Diamond Consultants work with RIAs and advisors on their M&A strategies and succession planning.

Bob Bolt

Bob Bolt discusses the value of joining a larger team in order to find specialization and greater scale. Bob is a Partner and Private Wealth Advisor at Symphony Financial in Skokie, IL.

David Grau Jr.

David Grau Jr, Founder and President of Succession Resource Group discusses research that was conducted on an often overlooked source of sellers, wirehouse advisors. In fact, the research shows that a wirehouse advisor could receive 322% more for their practice after-tax if they were to move to independence and then succeed from their business.

Eric Leeper

Eric Leeper, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) with FP Transitions, joins us in the latest episode with intel on mergers and acquisitions, valuations and succession planning.

Amy Centanni

Amy Centanni discusses how first-time business owners demonstrate that preparation and access to capital are key to impressing sellers. Amy is a CFP®️, CRPC®️ and CMFC®️ with Lincoln Financial Advisors.

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