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Live Oak’s search fund lending team is solely focused on helping traditional and self-funded search funders access capital to acquire businesses. With over three decades of experience and industry connections, Live Oak Bank’s Search Fund lending team understands the challenges that searchers face. We are dedicated to helping search funders through education and financing and have created a robust set of resources to help along the way. Download our free resources now:

SF Searchers
Customer Survey


Download the results to see search process and funding related data and trends.

15 Time Killers in
SMB Search


Through our years of experience, we have seen trends in what is likely to eat up your very precious time in a search and potentially kill a deal.

Searcher to
CEO Guide


Industry experts from the search fund lending community share their insights and experience around transitioning from searcher to CEO.

Search Fund
SBA Financing FAQs


This FAQ includes over 50 of the questions we get most from searchers.

How's Your Search Going?

Watch Now

We know that searching for a business to buy isn’t easy, so we hosted a special session for searchers to discuss common challenges in their search process, including our observations as bankers. Watch the recording of this meeting to learn from our expertise and the experience of your peers.

SaaS Acquisition
White Paper


Learn what’s involved in a successful acquisition of a software as a service (SaaS) company.


Check out our search fund videos for in-depth interviews with searchers, CEOs and search fund experts.


This weekly meeting is for self-funded searchers. We will walk you through the entire financing process and explain how we pre-screen deals prior to LOI. You will also be able to ask questions and benefit from hearing the questions of other searchers.

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Check out our resources tailored specifically to veterans interested in entrepreneurship through acquisition.

2nd Annual Veteran Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Symposium

The 2nd annual Veteran Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (VetsETA'23) symposium to bridge America’s Veterans to small business ownership. VetsETA'23 featured successful veteran sellers and buyers, highlighted war stories and lessons learned; discussed available financing sources; the challenges of accessing that capital; policy plans to boost capital access and grow a national network.

The Silver Tsunami Provides Ample Opportunity For Veterans

The Silver Tsunami has created untapped potential for America’s veterans to own a business.

A Primer on Veteran ETA: What Veterans Need To Know About Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

There is a solid path to veteran business ownership using entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA) or search fund approach. Here's what you need to know.

Watch Now: Veteran CEO Interview

In this session of our CEO series, our customer, James Maxwell, shares how his military experience prepared him for ownership and the skills that make veterans successful business owners.

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